TexMod v0.9b by RS and Loader

TexMod is a program that allows you to replace textures in DirectX 9 games.

Original TexMod has some limitations: you must use its UI to start a game, so you can't start a game in one click; you can't start a game with custom command line parameters.

So i'v made a loader (addition) for TexMod that you can download here: TexMod Loader (currently version 1.0).

Loader is written and compiled for .NET Framework v4.0. You must have it installed to be able to run a loader. This is because current MS Visual Studio can't compile native code for Windows XP and I don't want to install old VS just to make this loader. And .NET Framework is available for Windows XP also. And also it was much easier to write it in C#.

Also now archive contains HelixMod version of a loader. It has patched HelixMod dll inside (d3d9.dll) that loads tmldr.dll (used for tpf files autoload), and this dll loads tmrls.dll (texmod dll). Use it for games that you can't run directly (like Steam games).

If you are a developer and want to learn TexMod, then you can download this archive. It contains unpacked from nspack versions of TexMod and its dlls (one for logging mode and one for package mode, original and unpacked).

You can download original TexMod here: TexMod v0.9b by RS (also included in Loader package).