Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer Trainer

Download trainer

This trainer was designed to use for multiplayer progression. It was made for version 1.10.



First of all run the game, then run the trainer. It should write that it found a game. Then go to multiplayer and start any CLOSED match. Then use trainer.

Use experience function if you wish to level up your characters fast.

Disable instant death function if your mission is to kill bosses (or their marks will not disappear.

To make everything automatic you need to run trainer with command line parameter "nohook". Like this:

trainer.exe nohook

Then [F1-F5] hotkeys will not be working and inside trainer window you will see a new button called "Auto mission".

Set all game video settings to lowest. Go to multiplayer and create a closed platinum match. I prefer Vertigo location.

Then press "Auto mission" button. It will activate god mode and instant evacuation. Missions will start automatically and finish very fast. Then resize your game windows to minimum and you can minimize it. That's it!