Dust: An Elysian Tail Trainer

Download trainer

You will need to have .NET Framework 4.6 installed.


Important notes:

For features to work trainer needs to find signatures of code in memory to change them. Game is written in .NET and executable code is generated on the fly only in time it is needed to execute first time. Once you start the game the functions that process: hits (to Dust and to enemies), decrease chest keys when chest is opened, increase trials score - are not loaded into memory and signatures can't be found. For these features to work you need to hit any enemy for the first time or get Dust hit at least once, you need to try to open any chest (better fail to open it - then you enable feature and get keys right from this chest at successfull try), you need to start trial and get some score. If you will start trainer after this then all features will be available - they will be colored green. If you start trainer before, then after you do these step(s), just try to enable needed feature, and trainer will try again to search for needed signature, and if found, then feature will be enabled. Because generated code is scattered around game process, the trainer needs to search nearly whole game process memory. Thats why it is slowly finding signatures. It may take around one minute to find all signatures at trainer load. Enable features only after trainer will say that the game is found.

Trainer is tested on windows 10 with .net framework 4.6 installed. Because executable code is generated by .net framework, it is possible that other versions of it will generate different code, and thats why trainer may not work on them.