Batman: Arkham Asylum Trainer

Download trainer

You will need to have .NET Framework 4.6 installed.



This trainer was created based on v1.1 of the game on GOTY steam edition (game of the year). But it may work for other versions too. I'v tried to make functions as more flawless as possible. God mode will work with all enemies and with bosses too. It will work even with Poison Ivy and will not affect her. One hit kill works only on normal enemies (not on bosses). Also do not use one hit kill on Poison Ivy and on Joker or the boss fights will bug (you can use it on their henchmen during boss fight). When enabled it will also fully decrease explosive gel in one use. So better disable before. Freeze enemies freezes them but they will continue to move on to their last direction. It will not help you when you should not be caught missions. Enemies will spot you, but will not be able to attack. Also when this function is active - most of your weapons will not work. I'v replayed whole game with 1,2,4 functions enabled and without any crashes, but i highly recommend you to disable one hit kill nad hit rate functions right after your fight ends. They may cause game to crash.